45 years later

Frank Wehner  & SSgt Melissa Schmalhorst

​MWD Oxygen R507

Dawgs project Co-Founder Jon Hemp

Northwest Dawgs Project is bringing the Feed the Dawgs  Project to the Northwestern states of Washington, Idaho, Utah & Montana, starting in 2014. 2015, Frank Wehner and his wife Connie have scheduled 5 feeds.

Frank was a K-9 handler from 1967 - 1971. He was one the first dog handlers to receive Patrol Dog training at Lackland AFB. He was stationed at Mather AFB, Sacramento CA with Fritz 8M31 after dog school. In February 1969, Frank & Fritz were sent to Udorn RTAFB, Thailand.  Frank was reassigned to kennel attendant in May 1969, where he and training SSgt James Brewer converted sentry dogs to patrol dogs.  February 1970, Frank returned to Mather AFB, where he picked up Bosco (unk) until Ralf 0K68 was available for duty.  Frank received an early out in June 1971.

Once a K-9 handler, you never forget your dogs and your time behind the leash. Frank & Connie are excited about the NWDAWGS Project.

Northwest dawgs project

The dawgs project

Feed the Dawgs Project (aka The Dawgs Project) was launched in spring 2008, by two old Nam Vet dog handlers and a Da Nang Parachute packer. It all started at PMO/IMEF Military Working Dog Kennels, Camp Pendleton (now Camp Cann).

"The mission of the project is threefold; provide STEAK barbecues to America's Front Line Defenders, preserve the heritage that is "K-9" and support the Military Working Dog Community at home and off shore."    Jon Hemp



"Old Dawgs Feeding Young Dawgs"